Top 10 Reasons Why Santa Has The Best Supply Chain

Here is the ‘Top 10 Reasons Why Santa Has the Best Supply Chain

#1 No ERP system, just a list. Now, he does do some risk assessment… using patented approved simulation. For example, what if Johnny is good this year?

#2 Air freight without the fuel costs. And a big zero on the carbon footprint

#3 No capacity issues, no union, no vacation, no breaks… work is play and play is work for elves.

#4 His forecast is always accurate. Let’s see that forecast!
top 10 reasons why santa has the best supply chain








#5 One currency for every country. Milk and cookies.

#6 No customer service issues. If a customer is rude, obnoxious or grumpy they get a rotten egg and a lump of coal and told to stick it where the mistletoe doesn’t grow.

#7 No labor costs… except for room and board.
Free overnight delivery…on everything.

#8 Free overnight delivery…on everything.

#9 No need for finance or Sarbanes Oxley, Saas70… everyone is honest at the North Pole.

#10 No inventory issues. The perfect Lean, JIT system ever.