5 tips to optimise your procurement processes [Quick Guide]

As the procurement landscape continues to change, now is the ideal time for public sector organisations to continue to evolve the way they procure goods and services.

But as budget cuts continue to increase the demand on existing resources, now is not just an opportunity to re-evaluate. It’s also the time to embrace newer, more innovative ways of working.

One of the ways public sector organisations can maximise the efficiency of their procurement processes is by taking the opportunity to work collaboratively with others.

Collaboration in action

These relationships could insulate organisations against future changes, and promote resilient but dynamic working practices:

Partner. Work together with other businesses to bolster your offer and create a proposition which can’t be ignored.

Engage. Develop relationships with partners and customers, both internally and externally, to anticipate future demands and ensure efficient procurement processes.

Innovate. Now is the time for public sector buyers to adopt new, dynamic working practices with other businesses; finding solutions in an innovative way.

Evidence. Document work that’s under way, this will be invaluable to demonstrate the credibility of your supply chains.

Value. Keep value for money, social value and value engineering in mind to find solutions which challenge the status quo.


Source: [http://procurementhub.co.uk/blog/5-tips-to-optimise-your-procurement-processes/]