5 Must Read Procurement Books

No matter how long you’ve been in procurement, there are always things to learn. New technologies might change how you track your inventory or place orders and changes to regional laws might influence how your supply chain operates. Either way, let’s face it—we can all learn something new. Below are five procurement books to help you get to the top of your field, and stay there.

5 Must Read Procurement Books

The Procurement and Supply Manager’s Desk Reference by Fred Sollish and John Semanik

This book is an authoritative guide on everything you need to know about being a procurement manager. Filled with information about trends in sourcing, avoiding specification traps and best practices in supplier diversity, this book answers many of the important questions facing procurement managers. It’s written by experts in supply chain management and well worth the cost, even offering suggestions on legal issues.

The Procurement Game Plan by Charles Dominck and Soheila R. Lunney

New and seasoned procurement managers will gain a great deal from this read. This book covers everything involved in setting up and running a procurement division, including choosing the right people, contingency planning and social responsibility. It’s not your typical dry business book, either. The Procurement Game Plan is loaded with meaningful, understandable procurement strategies.

Essentials of Supply Chain Management by Michael H. Hugos

You have a supply chain, but do you know how to measure its performance? Do you know how to use information technology in your supply chain? Is your supply chain coordinated or are there gaps? For anyone dealing with supply chain issues, Essentials of Supply Chain Management has the answers and even references supply chain games. And at fewer than 350 pages, it’s not a hard book to read or even carry around.

Proactive Purchasing in the Supply Chain by David Burt, Sheila Petcavage and Richard Pinkerton

Purchasing plays an important role in a company’s success, but it’s also one of the least understood divisions in an organization. Proactive Purchasing in the Supply Chain explains how efficient purchasing can increase returns on investment, reduce costs, and improve quality. It even includes purchasing checklists, to make the process easier.

Common Sense Purchasing: Hard Knock Lessons Learned From A Purchasing Pro by Tom DePaoli

If purchasing and negotiation keep you up at night, this is the book for you. Combining expert insights, practical examples, and tons of advice, Common Sense Purchasing can help any purchasing manager. The author shares his tales of woe from the purchasing department and explains why relationships are the foundation of a good purchasing program.

These five books are our favourites for procurement managers looking to increase their skills or stay on top of procurement trends. Now that you’ve got your book list, we hope you enjoy your summer reading and maybe even learn some new procurement tips and tricks beachside.

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